Month: liepos 2013

Skins are not permanent

Most games work in a way that if you have acquired something, you will have it until it is used up or discarded. That is not how CSGO works though. Apparently, the famous skins have an expiration date.

Use them while you can

If you get a new skin, for sure you should try it out: you need to see how you look while you’re fighting, how others like it. If it doesn’t fit your style, you could always drop it or use it for deposit in such sites as Drakelounge. If you’re lucky, you might end up getting some extra money or skins.

Why the expiration date though?

Of course, it makes you wonder: why would the game put an expiration date for some items? Some might say that it is to make the game more exciting or the item more valued: after all, it will disappear in a few weeks (more or less).

This pushes players to play with the skin while they can: they return every day to play and this increases the game’s popularity.

Limited edition skins allow players to get a fuller excitement while playing the game. Of course, if they don’t like the skin, they always have the opportunity to use it in such sites as Drakelounge.